Achieve authentic barbecue flavor every time you grill!

When purchasing a new gas barbecue,  savvy shoppers usually put ‘delivering fabulous flavor’ at the top of their expectations list. The experts at Broil King agree with this priority and offer these quick tips to make sure you get authentic barbecue flavor every time:


Where there is smoke, there is flavor

The vaporizer is a key component. As the drippings fall onto the hot surface, they are instantly vaporized, imparting smoky flavor into your food. For maximum effect, look for a vaporizer that covers the entire bottom of the oven and has no flat spots where juices can pool.

Smoking accessories expand flavor range

Using a smoker box with flavored wood chips or wooden grilling planks you can add the smoky flavor of wood to your meals while still cooking with the convenience of gas.

Grilling Tip

Cook with the lid closed.  This allows more smoky flavor to infuse your food and keeps a consistent temperature, for better results.

 Steakhouse Sear Marks

The sizzle as the meat hits the barbecue is one of the sweetest sounds.  A heavy, solid cooking grid will deliver the best heat retention and searing power to lock in juices and flavor. Choose cast iron grids if you are looking for steakhouse searing performance or stainless steel grids for easy maintenance.

Better control means better flavor

The more control you have over the temperature of your barbecue the better your food will taste.   Look for a gas barbecue that offers infinite heat control, instead of just low, medium and high, allowing you to set your grill to the precise temperature for searing, roasting or slow cooking.    Along with temperature control, look for a barbecue that has at least two burner controls,   allowing you to grill with one side off, also known as indirect grilling.